1300/1800 Numbers

Phone1300 & 1800 Numbers are virtual numbers that can be routed to a location that you requite. It can be a home or office number, a mobile, or VoIP number.

Auto Attendant (IVR)

Play recorded greeting to incoming callers and prompt for keypresses to route calls to different answer points.

Time Specific Routing

Call flow can be managed according to the time of day the incoming call arrives.

Location Based Routing

Route calls to different answer points depending on the location of the caller.

Number Porting

Port your existing 1300 numbers onto the Telecube network. Keep your existing numbers and save line rental costs.

State based routing

Incoming calls are identified by the state they are calling from and routed by a set of rules you create.

Regional based routing

Incoming calls can be routed to different answer points depending on the region the call originates from.

Route to IP Address

We can bring a 1300/1800 call off the public network and into a SIP environment and pass it out directly to an ip address.

Call Overflows (Line Hunt)

Overflow incoming calls to a mobile or other number if you are unable to take the call.

Custom Caller ID

You can set a custom incoming caller id for your 1300 number or 1800 number.

Number Rates
1300 Number $  9.90/month
1800 number $16.50/month
Destination Rates
Local caller to Fixed Answer Point 4.9c per minute
National caller to Fixed Answer Point 7.9c per minute
Mobile caller to Fixed Answer Point 9.9c per minute
Any Caller to Mobile Answer Point 21c per minute